Daily from 08h00 to 17h00 (except Christmas Day)

Out Of Bounds

Private properties and areas defined by white stakes

L o c a l    R u l e s

  • The position of the ball must be marked before it is picked up.
  • Your marker must preferably be present or at least be notified of your intention to want to place your ball.
  • A maximum of ONE card length of placing is allowed.
  • Your line of play towards the pin may not be improved (if you are behind a tree, you stay behind the tree).
  • Placing is only allowed on the fairways (everywhere where the mowers run). The bank between 2 and 8 is seen as fairway, but the bank to the right of 2 is not a fairway.

Private properties and areas defined by white stakes. When a ball is hit out of bounds, play another ball from where the ball was hit out of bounds - One shot penalty.

If a ball comes to rest so near the net on hole 1/9 that your swing will be affected, you may drop the ball in the dropping zone without any penalty.

If a ball comes to rest so near the wall of the T-box of hole 3/12 that your swing is effected, you may have a free drop of 2 club lengths from the nearest corner of the T-box.

When a competition is played off the yellow/white T-boxes, ladies have a choice to play off the blue/red T-boxes.
Visitors Green Fees and Rentals 9 Holes 18 Holes
Visitor Affiliated R145 R190
Visitor Non-affiliated R190 R235
Visitor younger than 18 years (Scholars) R80 R110
Visitor Student (Student Card) R110 R145
Visitor Dolphins Creek Property Owner R145 R190
Visitors Sundowner HOA Sponsored R140 n/a
Ezgo Cart Rental R250 R310
Pullcart Rental R40 R55

Members Green Fees and Rentals 9 Holes 18 Holes
Members Younger than 60 Years R100 R130
Members Over 60 Years R90 R110
Members Scholars Junior < 18 Years R65 R90
Members Students (Student Card) R90 R110
Members Sundowner HOA Sponsored R100 n/a
Members Monday Special n/a R100
Ezgo Cart Rental R145 R185
Pullcart Rental R40 R55

Annual Membership Fees
Members Younger than 60 Years R1755
Members 60-70 Years R1435
Members 70 Years + R1125
Members Couples Younger than 70 years R2550
Members Couples 70 years and older R1920
Members Scholars and Students R880
Joining Fee (Once off new members) R500
Card Fees (Once a year) R880
New Member Saga Card Fee R1110

(Payment before 28 Febuary. Excludes SAGA and Handicap card fees.)

Golf Committee

Ernie Blommaert


Jimmy Steele


Louis Adams


Jan van Wyk


Gert Jordaan